Why Use Sheer White?

Because you want it done Right!

Here’s more reasons why:

1. Our President, Nancy, personally supervises the first time cleanings and conducts the training of “your cleaning staff”.

2. “Your cleaning staff” will always be the same people. If a change is required due to illness, attrition, etc. , Nancy will  personally train “your new cleaning staff”.

3. We conduct “secret shopper” visits to your facility on a regular basis to make sure cleaning is being maintained to yours and  Sheer White’s standards.

4. We will review your contract and cleaning schedule every 3 months for any changes needed.

5. We will perform our exclusive fragrance treatment on every service insuring that you facility not only looks and feels clean but smells clean as well.

6. Nearly 30 years of service in the business makes us experts in the world of cleaning!

Try Sheer White Cleaning. You’ll Love our services……I guarantee it!